Throw back gift ideas. It’s never too late or order through us!

It's never too late to order cards and other gifts through our online portrait galleries!
It’s never too late to order cards and other gifts through our online portrait galleries!

It is the holiday season and, while we have several current deals under way from our Christmas Mini sessions to our “You” by Abanathy Photography gift card offer, we want to remind our clients it is not too late to order from previous portraits as well.

Often, we have clients ask: “How long do I have to order prints from my online gallery?”. Truth be told, we see no reason to take the galleries down once they have been uploaded (or, at least, we have never been required to anyway), so the easy answer is “as long as the client prefers”.

While the obvious reason some photographers place a time limit on ordering online is to hurry sales, another reason is that life happens and other things inch up the priority list eventually knocking print orders off the radar. Next thing you know, it has been more than a year or two and you never got around to ordering those extra prints and gifts or (worst case scenario) you never got around to ordering  prints at all!

That is why we are offering this reminder. Well, that and it is the holiday season and our online gallery site offers much more than just prints and canvases. Just about anything you can imagine can have a portrait professionally printed upon it these days from Christmas ornaments and keychains to playing cards and iPhone cases. Not to mention the variety of Christmas cards available and updated regularly on the site. And it truly does not get more unique that this to have your portraits printed on gifts for family and loved ones. So, essentially, we are nudging a gift idea your way with this blog. Plus, if you haven’t already done so, keep in mind: An order of $100 or more includes a free portrait disc containing all portraits from that session!

Now you say: “Patrick, its been three years. My gallery is surely gone away.” To this I say: “Nope. Like noted above, it is there. You might have to scroll through some pages to find your name, but it is still there. Simply click here and look through the list

Next, you say: “Okay, I found my name, but I seem to have misplaced my password. Now what?” Easy enough, “Just email to or call (270) 767-1163 and I will get your password to you.”

Then, you say: “But Patrick, I only bought a disc and/or never had a gallery uploaded, how would I go about obtaining this access so I can get one of those fancy ornaments for my tree?” The answer: “Simply request it and I will place your portraits into a password protected gallery for you.”

Lastly, you realize “Patrick! I’ve never had a session with you! Hence the reason I can’t find a gallery with my name on it!” That is even easier: “Any time is great for a portrait session and it is not too late to book a Christmas Mini Session, standard portrait session, or intimate portrait session in time for the holiday season.”

If you are a client, this is a reminder it is not too late and, if not, it is certainly not too late for 2015!