No time to wait on the turkey. Christmas Minis are here!

Social media is often filled with memes and disgruntled friends who grow weary of seeing Christmas displays and holiday cheer before everyone has given due respect to Halloween and Thanksgiving. Well, I’ll give you Halloween (and we hope everyone had a great and safe one), however, if we wait until the turkey comes and goes, we’d be in hot water. With that, we announce our booking for Christmas mini sessions!

On to what is no doubt your first question: When? This year’s Christmas mini sessions will be at the studio Monday Nov. 9 through Friday, Nov. 20 between 2 and 6 p.m. each day. Now, on to your next question: How much? This is where we vary from previous years a bit. In the past, some have wanted a disc while others simply wanted a package of Christmas cards. To help bring everyone what they want (kind of like Santa Claus) this year, we are offering two easy options:

Option 1 is $69 and includes a 30-minute session with a minimum 10 images uploaded to an easy-to-order, online portrait gallery.  From there, you may order your portraits on a variety of items including prints, Christmas cards, ornaments and other gifts. (also, if you order $100 or more in prints and gifts, we will send you a free portrait disc containing all images and a copyright release)

Option 2: $149 includes a 30-minute session with a minimum 10 images uploaded to our easy-to-order, online portrait gallery and a portrait disc containing all images and a copyright release.

You may book your Christmas mini session with Abanathy Photography, LLC anytime either by phone or email at (270) 767-1163 or

Now, I did say above how Halloween deserves its day in the sun (or under the moon, as it were). So I just wanted to add we had a great time at Saturday’s Trail of Treats at the CFSB Center. And we want to thank all who braved the wind and rain to come out and get some Halloween goodies. We enjoyed seeing all the Darth Vaders, Avengers, princesses, Master Chiefs, Minions, ninjas, Batmans, Supermans, ghouls, goblins and ghosts! We can’t wait to do it again next year!

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