Who said it is just for kids? Halloween is fun for all!

This month, while it is the month for pumpkin spice everything, crisp mornings and pretty fall colors, it is also the month for spooky things like skeletons, witches, ghosts, and, well, avengers, Darth Vader, princesses and other assorted masks. And with more and more adults getting in on this (as it turns out) multi-billion dollar yearly tradition, for us, this rendered an idea:

This one is strictly for the adults in the room, as we know they enjoy dressing up for Halloween as well. These days, we have decided the Halloween traditions of our youth need not end when we grow up. Instead, we continue our fun.

With this in mind, our Boo-doir special is perfect for those out there looking to have a fun mini session with their costume. And, for the timid, this is the perfect boudoir session, as it involves masks, elaborate makeup and definitely involves clothes. It’s kind of a fun, flirty masquerade, if you will. In fact, it might even be viewed more as a pinup-themed special than a standard boudoir session. You may book any time this month to take advantage of this special, so call or email today!