Dare I say it? Dare I proclaim my favorite season hath arrived? I think I do!

I know we are officially on the roller coaster of weather which often ushers in a Kentucky autumn, however even without this wonderful, crisp, clear-sky, low-humidity weather (it’s almost like I enjoy it or something), I know the fall is here. The signs are plentiful and, if it were our story, it might go a little something like this…

A big sign of autumn’s arrival sits smack in the middle of our back yard. Our garden is on it’s last legs. It started with a bit of digging and mounding of dirt, then sprouts, lush green, a lot of weeding, delicious vegetables and fruit, and the gradual decline. Today, of corn, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, zucchini, spaghetti squash, green beans, banana peppers, bell peppers and tomatoes, only the latter four remain. And even their numbers are dwindling. This is the only drawback to cooler weather: The dying back of fresh, rain-fed veggies for a few months.

But this does not spell the end of our garden veggies by any means. Inside, the winter of great food has just begun! Some years ago, we found our large garden was quickly overrunning our freezer with corn, okra and peppers. When we grew tired of playing freezer Tetris, we made one of the best investments we have ever made in buying a chest freezer to offset our lack of subzero real estate. This year, I am proud (though a little nervous too, as the garden hasn’t completely stopped) to say both freezers are pretty much at capacity. That’s right! We managed to fill a standard AND chest freezer with our garden goodies!

With several freezer bags each of corn, green beans, bell peppers (and last year’s okra), we can claim a successful garden once again. And it doesn’t stop there. In the cool corners of the house, we have many home-canned quarts of tomatoes, tomato sauce, pickles, zucchini pickles, banana pepper rings, and sauerkraut!

Yes, the garden is nearly done (save for a minor cabbage experiment I have planned for the fall), and that is just one sign the fall has arrived. Golden fields of corn both in front and behind our studio will soon be harvested to make way, once again for the westerly wind and distant lights. In town, the university students are abustle and school buses zip past our home every afternoon. Soon, we might even spot a few hayrides.

However, even with all these universal signs, back at the ranch, another sign comes from photography. The weather is cooling, but the portraits season is heating up. Since we first (officially) opened our doors in 2013, we have found the fall and early winter to be our busiest season. And, like Christmas decorations at Walmart, it seems to be beginning earlier and earlier each year. However, unlike with Walmart’s push for Christmas in May, I’m not complaining!

Last week was an odds and ends week for us as it was the first and only week for the foreseeable future where we will not completely abuzz with portrait sessions, photo editing and more photo sessions. It all started this weekend on Saturday’s beautiful morning with an engagement session of a lovely couple, and an event at a local resort through the Wish of a Lifetime organization. And this all brings me to my next point: A callout to those soon-to-be wed and area families.

Now is the ideal time to get those engagement sessions, and family portrait sessions booked, as the weather is perfect! Not too cold, not too hot and the skies and rich, vibrant fall colors cooperate beautifully from a photography standpoint.

So, as I begin my indulgence of my favorite season and take my camera along for the adventure, I bid everyone a great fall season and hope you enjoy everything it has to offer before the cold weather settles in for good! And be sure to stay tuned for announcements of our many upcoming fall specials and events!