Here’s to a wonderful 4th!

We at Abanathy Photography, LLC hope all of you had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! We could not help but take a page from my own fireworks advice blog from last week and snap a few from this year’s event. So, instead of me sitting here trying to describe the colors, magic and awe of the evening, take a look at this video, then take a better look at the images below!

Fireworks15-04webWM Fireworks15-74webWM Fireworks15-73webWM Fireworks15-69webWM Fireworks15-68webWM Fireworks15-67webWM Fireworks15-65webWM Fireworks15-61webWM Fireworks15-59webWM Fireworks15-58webWM Fireworks15-57webWM Fireworks15-53webWM Fireworks15-46webWM Fireworks15-44webWM Fireworks15-40webWM Fireworks15-39webWM Fireworks15-36webWM Fireworks15-35webWM Fireworks15-32webWM Fireworks15-30webWM Fireworks15-28webWM Fireworks15-26webWM Fireworks15-23webWM Fireworks15-21webWM Fireworks15-20webWM Fireworks15-16webWM Fireworks15-14webWM Fireworks15-12webWM Fireworks15-10webWM Fireworks15-09webWM Fireworks15-08webWM Fireworks15-07webWM Fireworks15-06webWM Fireworks15-05webWM