That creative spark that takes us back to the arboretum!

As many of you may recall from a couple of weeks ago, I recently had the awesome privilege of photographing a beautiful outdoor wedding at the Murray State University Arboretum. To see my first blog about this beautiful event, click here. Since then, I have, of course, finished editing these images and thought I would share few more! After all, this is a photo blog is it not?

One of the wonderful parts about the arboretum is how it lends itself to beautiful bride reveals. Especially with its waterfall hill, which includes the perfect stone path for staging this magical moment when the groom sees his beautiful bride for the first time just before the ceremony.

Of course this hill, from top to bottom, also gives many, many opportunities beyond the first viewing…

And these are just some of the possibilities when it comes to this gorgeous slice of Murray, KY! Something about nature simply adds such wonderful colors and ambience to those special moments with this lovely couple…

…as well as the unforgettable, indelible details of the day…





Then, when all is said and done, the creative spark takes place on my end. Of course, you have the obligatory (though very necessary and wonderful) black and white and sepia toned versions of some of these images…

But, then, another spark went off and I decided to make a couple images, which already had a painting-esque quality, look like it had a rustic run-in with Father Time. So, I took images like these:

…and had a little Photoshop fun to make them look more like this…


The artist side of me, already enamored with cracked paint and dirt anyway, mixed with my professional portrait side and the inevitable happened. This is the beauty thing about modern digital photography. Just about everything is doable and there is seemingly not enough time or hard drive space to do it all…But I won’t let little things like that stop me 🙂 !

So there, you have it. Some more wonderful portraits from the Arboretum (with a touch of creativity) and hopefully the first of many weddings for us at this wonderful Murray location!

And this is not all for this week’s nature-oriented blog! Here is a brief update to our little garden experiment I blogged about in the past few weeks regarding our experimental tomato seedlings started in eggshells (Ready to dig in the dirt…without my camera, of course!The Expo has left me spent, but pumped!)

Well, the two we rescued from the compost bin are now officially making it work in the ground outside. They are standing tough and enjoying their new digs in this year’s garden!

And now, two observations:

One: Yes, they will grow in eggshells as seedlings, however, this will not stop them from becoming a little root bound. These seedlings did not get as big as those in larger starter pots, had some wondering roots out the bottom of the shell, and had more yellow leaves than their non-egg brethren. In the future, I might re-pot leaving the eggs intact.

Two: Never underestimate the determination of tomato seeds left for dead in a compost bin. We now have about three total tomato plants growing out the side of ours. They have plenty of nutrients in there, so I’m curious to see how this plays out!

We’ll see how they do at harvest time! Until then…