From us to you…Happy Mother’s Day!

Ma, Mom, Mother…She has many names and, to her, we owe everything! Mother’s Day is the day we give an extra special thanks to our moms. In the world of portrait photography, I get to see many moms, some new, some soon to be a mom again, and some who have been moms for years! And you know what? Each of their smiles will warm your heart!

These are the types of portraits that make being a photographer so worth it. It is also one of the reasons I decided to transition from photojournalism and pick up portrait photography in the first place. I get to see people at their best rather than at their worst. And there is often no better place to see someone at their best than when they are being a mom.

Through the lens, I get to see that priceless, loving glow of motherhood that comes from holding their newborn child, pulling their toddler into their lap, hugging their kids, hugging their grandkids and all points in between. Through the years and across life’s diverse circumstances, that smile remains the same. No matter what, they are still moms and it shows!


And that love goes both ways, I also get to see the love of the children for their mothers. That kind of unconditional love that makes spending time with our moms priceless and creates memories to last a lifetime. And, as Liz and I both come from wonderful, amazing mothers, we know that love! That selfless kind, which cannot be measured!

Our moms teach us, guide us, love us and set the pace for our tomorrow, asking little in return. They nurture us, heal us, show us right from wrong, know exactly what to say when we are blue and even get silly with us sometimes!


They always put us first above everything else. And, even when we can’t be with them, we know they carry us in their heart as we carry them in ours.

So Ma, Mom, Mother or even Mimi, whatever her name is to you, she is special. You know it and she needs to know it. So, happy Mother’s Day to our moms, Debbie, Mary, and Jeanne, and Happy Mother’s Day from Abanathy Photography, LLC, to every mom out there! You deserve it every day!