A chance to see “You” at the Indoor/Outdoor Expo!

"You" will be at the Murray Indoor/Outdoor Expo April 17-19!
“You” will be at the Murray Indoor/Outdoor Expo April 17-19!

Just waiting for the right time? On the fence? A little shy? How about just a little bit curious? No matter where you’re at on booking a “You” by Abanathy Photography, LLC intimate portrait session, a unique opportunity to see what we are all about is just around the corner…And it is not without its perks!

One of the largest hindrances to just about any unique opportunity in life is simply the resistance to take the plunge and make it happen. Time slips away, nerves get in the way, and/or the hesitation to shake things up can all be factors. However, your chance to meet us and find out about “You” is about to be brought a step closer to…well… you!

“You” or, rather, we, will be set up at the upcoming Murray Indoor/Outdoor Expo, which is set to take place at the CFSB Center April 17th-19th! As one might suspect, we will be in the “Women’s” section of the Expo and will offer info, peace of mind, bookings and great deals on “You” throughout the weekend!

Consider this your two-week notice to get ready for several great opportunities! Not the least of which is the opportunity to see what “You” is all about!

First, it gives you a chance to get excited about meeting us and meeting with us to see the amazing portrait packages we offer with “You”. Unlike tupperware, boutique clothing or Mary Kay, we understand a “You” session is something much more personal and intimate. With this, we understand you might have been a little shy about a private consultation before. During the Expo, we will be there as part of the crowd and as part of the weekend’s fun times hopefully making our meeting a little less intimidating!

Second, it gives you time to check your spring, summer, and, maybe, even fall, schedule. “Why?” you ask. Because of the many great deals we will be offering when you book your session during the weekend of the Expo! We understand that this type of portrait session requires some planning. Especially if you intend your portraits as a gift for that special someone. I mean, let’s face it, you can’t just run to Walmart and pick this gift up on your way home from work. For that reason, it makes sense to let you know about this great opportunity with plenty of time for you to check your calendar! Specifics on deals will remain a secret until the Expo, however, we think you are going to love them and won’t want to miss out! Until then, check out our pricing page to see the packages we offer year-round!

Third, it gives you a little more time to meet with us discreetly at our studio before the Expo. If checking out our public booth is a little more than your bashful side can handle, we would love to meet with you prior to the Expo and still let you in on the deals during that weekend! For discreet, private consultations, simply call (270) 767-1163 or email to abanathyphoto@gmail.com

These are exciting times and we can’t wait to see everyone at the Expo!

On an update note: Following last week’s blog about cabbage plants and egg seed starters (Ready to dig in the dirt…without my camera, of course!) we have news! This week’s frosty nights (let’s face it, every Western Kentucky spring has those) we took measures to protect the young cabbage plants and most seem to have weathered the ice. These are frost-resistant, hearty plants and it does not surprise me much, however, this week’s lows were even pushing their young little envelopes. Luckily, most have pulled through!

On the egg side, they had to undergo a reboot. When reading about using eggs as seed starters, the site I was perusing failed to mention boiling the egg shells first to eliminate bacteria. Well, apparently, when you wash egg shells and allow them to dry in the cold garage for several weeks, it does not eliminate seed-killing bacteria. When I noticed that he heat and water had awakened these tiny devastators, I had to empty, rinse, boil and reboot the seeds. But, you live and learn, there is still plenty of time and we are still excited about the experiment!