Shutter shy after high school? But this is where it gets good!

First of all, Abanathy Photography, LLC would like to give a big shout out to those back-to-schoolers heading into another year this past week as well as to those college-bound students soon heading off to the next step in their education! To the latter, we assure you the need for a photographer doesn’t end at high school graduation! That’s just when it is starting to get good!

Since kindergarten, you knew the drill. Each year, a photographer would come to your school, set up in the gym (which would all but ruin dodge ball for the day) and each class would anxiously await their turn to be called for individual and class photos.

These were fun days, as you knew at least part of the day would find you out of class. It reminds me a little of my journalist days when I would be tasked with photographing the underclassmen for our paper’s graduation insert. In fact, it was on those days some students had too much fun in deciding to implement the infamous “bunny ears” to the kid next to them. It’s the perfect crime right? It will be funny and no one will know…right? Well…except for me, the photographer, who is poised to straight up take an incriminating picture of you in the act. The picture would be taken, the bunny ears cropped out and the principal informed. One would ponder whether the perpetrator had thought it through, but, then again, I suppose they are called underclassmen for a reason. However, I digress.

Point is: Back-to-school, at some point in the fall, would include these portraits for the yearbook and/or newspaper. From individual head shots and clubs to sports teams and class officers, this ritual would be one’s way of life for 12-13 years. Ultimately, most of this will culminate in a wonderful, professional senior portrait session (insert shameless Abanathy Photography, LLC senior portraits link here 🙂 ). But then what? Cold turkey? No more lined-up, “shhhh!” marches down to the gym for a lengthy sit on the bleachers? No more look here, smile and say cheese moments?

Murray State University Great Beginnings Handout 2014
Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be handing out at the 2014 MSU Great Beginnings event!

Well, truth be told, this might just be where it gets better! With back-to-school well underway for the little ones and the soon to be graduates, many universities and colleges are heading toward their BTS event very soon. Murray State University’s event begins next week with “Great Beginnings” and, yours truly will be there!

Abanathy Photography, LLC will be one of the vendors at next Saturday’s (Aug. 16) “Great Beginnings: Explore Murray” event at the CFSB Center from 6-7:30 p.m.

“Why?” you might ask. Well, to offer our great photography services to the students, of course! The need for professional photography does not end at “exit stage left” on your high school graduation day! While several universities are phasing out their yearbooks and, therefore the need for individual head shots (How much is your yearbook worth? Rise of the forgotten generation), Our services extend to all measures of student life including portfolios, professional head shots and portraits, sorority/fraternity group/individual shots, special projects, parties, events and more!

Now, you ask “But Patrick, every student and their mom has a smartphone these days. Would not a selfie be the way to go when in need of a sick portrait?” To this, I say “Sure…if you want to look like a college freshman who is more interested in heading to the party, than in being taken seriously.

Don’t get me wrong. Selfies have their place in the modern youth culture. I’m sure next Saturday and weeks to come will see college servers burnt out with selfies flying across the wifi. However, when posing for a professional portrait of any sort, whether it be for a sorority/fraternity roster or for career purposes, a selfie is not going to age well. Heck, for professional purposes, selfies barely hold up 10 minutes let alone 10 years (Time to ditch the Solo cups and show the professional you!).

And this is not to mention memorable parties and formal events. Now, formal events are a no-brainer, however, I know not everyone wants images taken of them at a college party. But that is the beauty of hiring a professional. We have discretion and know how to take some awesome shots with all the memories and none of the regret! Don’t believe me? Check these awesome galleries for proof! (Events) (Weddings). Now, didn’t I say this is where the need for a photographer starts to get good?!

We look forward to seeing all the incoming freshmen next Saturday and, all you students reading this, I know what you are thinking: “Did that old guy just use the word ‘sick’?”



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