Spring is the time to gaze through the lens and take stock…imagery that is!

This is one of the many images I've uploaded to iStock
This is one of the many images I’ve uploaded to iStock

Is it here? Now? Are we sure this time? Are we finally a “go” for spring?! I’m sure this has been the question on many folks’ minds these past few weeks. It seems even the would-be springlike days have been hopelessly invaded by a fashionably late March breeze. If there is anything the lagging start to the season has done for us (aside from push our annual garden back a bit) it is to get our creativity yearning for the outdoor weather. And for so many reasons!

True, we enjoy this time of year for the engagement sessions, the weddings, the senior portraits, and (as of this year) the “I do…Again!” sessions, but on a more personal note, I enjoy it because I get the chance to head outside and find the peace of mind which can only come from exploring the nearly meditative world of stock photography.

In early 2005, I began contributing to an online stock photography website called iStockphoto.com. Basically, the way it works is: A photographer uploads an image, then, following iStock’s approval, it is added to their stock photo library. As people and companies from around the world purchase rights to use the image, the contributor receives a small royalty. This was a great way for me to use some of the random fun photographs I would take when out and about and make a little extra income on the side.

The thing is, I have to say I am very excited about getting back into this right now! You see, back in the day, I uploaded several images, however, at the time, we were still on dial-up internet meaning one image (not even the ridiculous size of ones I take today) could take nearly 45 minutes to upload. And this was at the end of a long day working for the newspaper and two hours on the road not to mention image processing time prior to upload.

Needless to say it was a commitment to get this done nearly 10 years ago. Couple this with our decision to move east six years ago, the time it has taken to get our house up to par, and the dedication to get our business up and going and you can see why I took a bit of a break from iStock in the last few years.

Now, fast-forward to today: It is 2014,  energy I previously dedicated solely to getting our home and business up and going can be divided to other things, I have a far better camera than I did in 2005, and we are on DSL! I have to say the excitement to really delve back into this has taken hold once again!

And I figure, as many images I upload could be viewed not only as fine art, but as a representation of some of my personal work outside of the regular Abanathy Photography, LLC portraits, why not share it with our blog readers! Click here to see my iStock portfolio and see what I get up to in my spare time!

Like I said before, going out to capture these images are very meditative to me. While others on the site choose to work with models, my iStock contributions are typically inanimate objects and plant life I find when out and about. It’s not that I don’t enjoy working with people (It would be pretty bad for business if I did), it is just something about me, my imagination, nature and my camera that really centers me. It also throws me back to my college days when I would grab my camera and head into the studio and work all night or times when I would just head outside to see what I could find. Not to mention the days back in Nevada with my many desert finds and photographs I took in the home studio we had set up in our spare room.

And I can’t think of a better way to show how I see the world around me from an artistic standpoint! Sometime ago, I wrote a blog (Seeing through a child’s eyes: One of the best tips a photographer can get) where I shared some of the most valuable advice I ever received from my photography professor at Murray State. At the time, I didn’t think to include a link to this gallery as a personal illustration of my point, however, I can think of no better way to remedy this than to share it with you now. From the desert landscapes, pogonip tree branches, and old smelter slag to more recent ice-coated tree branches, Victorian sofas, and green grass, this might give you a little glimpse of the world as I see it through my eyes and, ultimately, through my lens! So, let’s let the pictures do some of the talking! Once again, click here to see my iStock images!

On a side note, I do want to give a shout out to the Murray Calloway County Chamber of Commerce for allowing me to once again take some professional portraits of some of the lovely ladies at the Women in Business luncheon last Wednesday! I truly enjoyed it!



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