The importance of balancing your time for others…with yourself!


Liz again! I recently had a experience and revelation I wanted to share with you during our spring break vacation.

We decided to spend our vacation at home, catching up on projects that we had neglected during our busy schedules. Over the course of our days off I found extra time for myself for the first time in months. I had to really think about what I wanted to do! I decided I would write in my journal, and work on a couple of creative projects I hadn’t worked on in a long time. It was so refreshing being able to so some things I wanted to do, just for me. By the end of the weekend, I felt refreshed and less stressed.

I decided I needed to do things like this for myself more often! Even if just once a month, I could take one day to do things I enjoy, whether it’s shopping (and not to the grocery or hardware store), or working on my art, or going up to LBL for a day with my husband.

I also realized that I was probably not the only woman who gets so caught up in her routine that she doesn’t take time for herself. In this day and age, so much of our time is filled with work, technology, preparing meals, cleaning and taking care of our family. Wouldn’t it be great if all of us ladies could give ourselves time to recharge on a regular basis? Time just for us?

I recently read a blog titled “55 gentle ways to take care of yourself when you’re busy busy busy”. It includes a long list of activities, mostly simple things, we can do on a daily basis which can help us take time for us. Even something as simple as giving ourselves five-minute breaks throughout the day can help us return to our center!

Whatever a person enjoys doing, she should work it into her busy schedule at least once a month, if not once a week. Remember, a woman has to take care of herself before she can take care of anyone else, her health and well being is number one!

This led me to another connection. We, at Abanathy Photography offer a service which can contribute to well being. I’m, of course, talking about a “You” session! This could be built into an entire day of fun and relaxation! Before a “You” session, the day could be spent relaxing at a spa, going for a hike, attending a retreat, or having a day with the girls! This could be a great way to get charged up and excited about a “You” session! Especially as the air of spring finally takes hold!

Of course, a “You” session in and of itself is an empowering experience! And as I mentioned from my previous blog, “A woman’s perspective: why I’m so excited about “You”,”after the session ends, there are beautiful photos and prints which can be reflected upon for years.

Of course, regardless of the many benefits a “You” session can bring a woman’s well-being, one thing can stand in the way of booking that “You” session. No, it’s not the lack of desire or money, but nerves! Surprisingly enough, the one thing that can hold you back from enjoying the exhilarating, empowering, and unique experience of a “You” session is…well…YOU! Luckily, there are easy ways one may shake the pre-shoot jitters and go into their “You” session ready to pose confidently and radiantly! Check our blog next week as we dive into the many ways one can calm those nerves and simply enjoy being beautiful!



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