A bit of the old face-to-face! Come out to our Bridal and Wedding Open House on April 12!

Come meet us at our Bridal  and Wedding Open House!
Come meet us at our Bridal and Wedding Open House!

Texting, email, telephone, television, and, to a lesser extent, handwritten letters. These are all ways to interact with other people, however, they simply do not hold a candle to actually meeting someone face-to-face! This is why we are excited about or upcoming Bridal and Wedding Open House!

In just under two weeks (Saturday, April 12) we will hold the open house at Abanathy Photography, LLC’s studio at 108 Rob Mason Road just west of Murray from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.!

The wedding preparation season is in full swing and, as a couple who has been there and done that, we know the immense amount of stress that can cause. Everything from the rings, dresses, tuxes, and invitations to the venue, flowers, decorations, and photography can place a tremendous burden on the backs of two people who also have to live their day to day lives. This is why we are hoping to take a little burden off the shoulders of the soon-to-be-wed…with the photography part, anyway.

If you are still in the planning stages of your wedding (or know someone who is planning a wedding) and you don’t yet have a photographer, this is the event for you! This is your chance to meet us and discuss our wedding package pricing in a relaxed, country environment on, what we hope will be, a beautiful spring day!

There will be goody bags including information on Murray area wedding vendors, a drawing for a free engagement session (you do not have to be present to win) and refreshments. But that is just the tip of the iceberg! You see, this is a great opportunity to really see what we can offer a bride and groom-to-be!

Wedding day coverage is just one package to consider. We also offer engagement and bridal sessions and (for the ladies) we offer “You” bridal sessions! As for the latter, this can even be a chance to meet with us, get to know us, and discreetly discuss these more intimate sessions.

During our time in business (and even before), I have found it heartbreaking to hear many say they wish they had hired a professional photographer for their wedding. And I understand that budgets, Smartphones, and horror stories of people having not received their proofs can make some couples a bit weary of taking the professional photography route. However, I think many will find our prices fit nicely into any budget, we can run circles around a smartphone, and in the unfathomable and unlikely event that you never receive your proofs from us, then you will know where we live!

But don’t take my word for it. Instead, take my word for it! I have written several blogs pertaining to our wedding photography and, I will say they speak quite a bit to our commitment to perfectly capturing your big day! Here are a few I recommend for your reading pleasure (Smartphone weddings? Time for a reality check; Wedding planning underway? Take 3 tips from a professional photographer!; Wait…What! No Cheeseburgers?!; It’s March! Time to Heat Things Up…For Your Wedding Night!; and Reserve Uncle Bill a Seat! Bring in a Professional). Hopefully, these delightful reads will make you want to meet us even more! But be sure to wait until April 12. Otherwise, finding you randomly hanging out in our studio might be a little awkward.

Now, of course, we are gearing this toward anyone who is looking to get married (or knows someone who is looking to get married), however, anyone is invited to come out and see our studio and speak with the Abanathy Photography, LLC team! We are always happy to speak with a client, a potential client, or someone who got lost on the way to the 2014 Murray Half Marathon. Yes, this is also happening April 12, and it is perfectly timed to allow people to attend both the marathon and our open house! So, we hope to see you there!



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