Valentine’s Day is but one excuse to book a couple’s portrait session!

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Well, it less than a week away! The day couples look forward to. The day single folks either loath or celebrate (depending on how one rolls). Heck, it even falls on a Friday this year, meaning it could be a great night for first dates as well. Of course I am speaking of Valentine’s Day!

Whether you are a believer or not, you can’t deny that, for some, love is in the air. That is what makes me somewhat giddy (yes, I said “giddy”), as this is the perfect excuse to come in for a couple’s portrait session! True, we are offering Valentine’s Day couple’s mini sessions for $49 this Friday night (Feb. 14). And they are perfect for dropping in to have your night out with that special someone commemorated in professional portraiture. However, it is not just about our 30-minute sessions that easily fit into any V-day schedule. It is also about the togetherness and tenderness of people on that night, which leads me to think of all the other great couple’s sessions we offer from “just because” sessions to engagement photos and weddings. Heck, if a high school senior has a boyfrined/girlfriend, we’ll even snap a couple of couples’ shots for them too!

But I will say, while I see it in a whole new light now, my excitement about couples and Valentine’s day wasn’t always afire within me. In fact, it is still a little funny for me to even say it is now considering I was once somewhat bitter and withdrawn about the holiday.

It was not because I loathed the sappiness of it. And it was not because I had been scorned by a former girlfriend. Truth is, when I was back in high school and, later, in college, I would say I was more heartbroken by the ambience of it all. You see, up until that point (and for a few years yet to come) I was single every Valentine’s Day. I had a couple of relationships that coincidentally started on Feb. 15, but never really on Valentine’s day.

So, yeah, it was a little difficult for me. In fact, as a resident advisor for R.H. White College at MSU, I would decorate the floor’s bulletin board in February to satisfy both sides. I would list several reasons in favor of Valentines Day and several against. Side by side. Many got a kick out of it, and it addressed everyone evenly from the bitter to the betrothed.

But my longing was not to be forever (as I’m sure many of you reading this now might feel it will be), as, on Feb. 14, 2004, I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day ever with a girlfriend. Today, she is my wife and we have celebrated many Feb. 14ths since!

Sweetheart Mini Photo Sessions
Sweetheart Mini Photo Sessions

Have I forgotten the pain? No. Do I advocate Valentine’s Day for everyone? No. Some still don’t like it even as they have a hand to hold. But do I advocate for having a couple’s portrait session? Absolutely. If not for Valentine’s Day or engagement, then do it just because sometime. It is a wonderful way to capture some great images of just the two of you and you will not regret if for a second!

And as for that Valentine’s Day couple’s mini session, don’t be shy! It will take place at our studio at 108 Rob Mason Road, just west of Murray on Friday evening. Reserve a spot today by emailing to: or by calling (270) 767-1163. And, to all, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day no matter how you celebrate it!



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