Introducing a new brand from Abanathy Photography, LLC…“You”!

Abanathy Photography You-Valentines 2014During the first year of our photography business, I blogged several times about a wonderful portrait genre I am very passionate about: Boudoir. Also, during that time, we received wonderful, constructive feedback from our friends and clients. We quickly realized how unique this is not only in the realm of photography, but also to our area. For this reason, we decided not only to revisit our boudoir packages for the new year, but also to go a step further and break it out into its own brand under our name!

Our motto “Focused on the Natural You!” is so fitting for the moments we already capture at Abanathy Photography, LLC, that we knew its essence had to be there in our new endeavor as well. So we looked at boudoir and how it pertains to the client. And we realized it is so uniquely you, so intimately you, and so naturally you that we could not think of a more fitting title: Now, without further ado, we introduce “You” by Abanathy Photography, LLC!

For those unfamiliar with this type of photo session, it is quite simple. “You” is our brand of the traditional boudoir photography session. These are discreet portraits of you taken in a sexy, sensual nature. These can be anything from you posing seductively in a spouse’s work uniform or sexy lingerie to posing partially or fully nude. The purpose of this session is not to be inappropriate but to provide you with wonderful, artistic, professional prints of you at your beautiful, human best. It is a such an uplifting, empowering experience for anyone! The only question you have to ask yourself is “Why not?”

They make wonderful gifts for that significant other for Valentine’s day, on your wedding night, for that special someone’s birthday, or (for the best reason of all) just for you! Because you are sexy, you are beautiful, you are sensual, and you are human! Explore it, let us pamper you, let us show you how beautiful you are, and let us leave you with exhilarating portraits to commemorate the moment!

And, did I mention the word “discreet”? Why I believe I did! We schedule our sessions wherever you feel the most comfortable. We have a full, private studio, we can schedule to meet at a fancy hotel room, or we can host a session right in the comfort and privacy of you own home. The choice is yours! Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible because that truly shows in these beautiful portraits!

For those already familiar with our “You” package pricing, we have added a couple of new ones you might find tempting. First of all, we have added the “Petite” session. It is for those looking to sample our services or a way to have a wonderful print of you ready for that special someone on a special occasion!

Next, we have added a party package. This is for those planning a ladies night out whether it be with friends, a shower, bachelorette parties, or birthdays. With this, we would set up in your home or another discreet location where we would provide a 30-minute session to each party member who would then receive one free print (one 8×10 or two 5x7s) that evening and the option to order more. Also, for an additional charge, we can provide professional hair and makeup for each party member as well!

Of course, we also have our other packages including “Basique”, “Deluxe”, and “Compagne” with the latter of the two including hair and makeup before the shoot!

And, as we understand the intimate nature of these portraits, you don’t have to worry about your portraits being viewed by anyone outside of us, you, and whoever you decide to reveal them to! Abanathy Photography, LLC retains files on password protected computers linked via a password-protected, local, wireless router. Also, we can print photos for our “You” sessions in-house meaning the files never leave the grounds! However, that is not to say you could not order additional photo gifts. If you desire, we can upload your “You” portraits to a private, password-protected online gallery where you may order a variety of photo gifts and archival prints! The choice is yours!

I, along with my wife, Abanathy Photography, LLC graphic designer, and assistant, Liz, cannot say enough about how much we love the “You” sessions and cannot wait to share them with you! This break-out has been a long time coming and we are excited about it! We invite you to our new page where you can see our pricing, see our portfolio, read a little about us, read our previous and new “You”-related blogs, and find out all there is to know about “You”! Also, if you have any suggestions or questions regarding our new “You” website, don’t hesitate to let us know!

And to help put minds at ease, and show a little about what we do in a “You” session, we are hosting a “You” demonstration at our studio on Wednesday, Jan. 15 from 7 to 8:30. In this demonstration, we will use a model to demonstrate various poses. Afterward we will show how portraits are professionally touched up and offer time for Q&A. Spaces are limited, so call or email today to reserve your spot! There will be no pressure to book a session, we are simply offering a venue where you may see how one of these wonderful portrait sessions take place! You may call (270) 767-1163 or email to Also, you may send a private message on our regular Facebook site by clicking here!



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