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Wow! The holidays have come and gone. Some are glad to see it over. Some are not. For me, the season lasted just long enough and now I am ready to get back to it for the new year! And, as luck would have it, I am starting off this, our second year of business, super excited because we have some great new things to roll out to you. We have so many great things, in fact, that I am splitting the news into two blogs: One now and one in a few days! So, blog No. One: Here we go…!

That Christmas magic has been tucked from our everyday visions for now and the New Year’s cheer went off without a hitch! Now, it is time to live within each day’s endless possibilities as the new year moves forward. And for those planning their weddings this year, or who are graduating high school, it is time to see our new pricing packages for these once-in-a-lifetime events!

First, I will cover the wedding news, as I know from experience that there is not a moment to lose when it comes to herding the many cats of a magical wedding. For the new year, we have broken out our wedding pricing into three packages, which will hopefully have something to meet everyone’s needs!

Before, we offered one steady package, which included everything from pre-wedding prep to post wedding celebration. However, as we grew and learned during our first year of business, we realized not all are in the market for a big wedding while others might want a little bit more.

This is why we have created three wonderful wedding packages.

Now, we have two options here: One, I can list out all kinds of numbers and figures, confuse you, confuse me, and confuse the bot that handles this web page or: Two, I can place a link to our new wedding package pricing page and let you easily see them compared side-by-side…I think option “two”! Click here to see our new wedding package pricing!

So what is different? Well, aside from the fact there are now three options instead of one, we now include the portrait disc with each package and have discounted options for those who would like to have a pre-wedding bridal portrait session as well. Also, through partnership with surrounding communities, we now have options which include a videographer for your big day!

Of course our wedding packages include pre-wedding consultation with us, as that ensures your wedding day portraits are exactly as you want them. As always, we look forward to getting to know you and being part of your big day!

As if this were not all exciting enough, we have also revamped our regular portrait sessions a bit.

Before, each type of portrait session, including engagement, bridal, seniors, family, kids, babies, maternity and pets, each had their own list of pricing and other options. For the new year, we have decided to make it easier on you, the client, by grouping them into one pricing table under “Portraits”. Click here to see the different packages we offer for our portrait services!

Once again, we have determined these packages based on the fact that not all clients want or need a full two-hour session while others might like the additional time to really get into their shoot. Additionally (and this is the most exciting part) we are now offering print packages with our top two portrait package options. These are high-quality archival prints, which make a timeless addition to any home, desk, or wallet!

We have also added the “monthly portrait” to our pricing list. With this, one would pay up to $360 ($30/mo.) for one year of monthly, 20-minute sessions. This is ideal for baby’s first year, watch me grow, or a 12-month maternity progression. The best part is: At the end of the year, you will receive a portrait disc containing all images from the year!

Now, down to the moment you knew was coming. The portrait offering you know we have. The one, which both excites and scares some at the same time. That’s right, we have some exciting changes to announce for our “Boudoir” packages as well. Unfortunately (for you, anyway. I already know), that will be the topic of the special blog coming later this week!

Truth be told, the change is so great and so fantastic that we simply cannot reasonably place it within the context of mere pricing updates. No. It needs something more. It deserves something more. It will have something more!

However, I will make one announcement pertaining to boudoir, as it is similar to a previous event which we have held:

Abanathy Photography, LLC will, once again, host a boudoir portrait demonstration for those who are curious about these sessions. It will take place in Abanathy Photography, LLC’s studio at 108 Rob Mason Road on Wednesday, Jan. 15 from 7-8:30 p.m. It will include a boudoir photography demonstration using a model, give a demonstration of how we edit and touch up a boudoir portrait, and allow time for Q&A from the audience.

The event will be women only (save for the photographer) and we ask that all in attendance be of at least 18 years of age. Admission is free, however we have a limited number of spaces, so reserve your seat today! To reserve, you may contact us at (270) 767-1163, email us at , or send a private message to us on Facebook at

So there you have it! Some great, exciting news to begin your 2014 new year! But, like I said before, stay tuned later this week, as some more very exciting news is headed your way! Until then…



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