The sensual, the fashionable, and the past…Our top five of 2013!

Are you excited?! Are you ready?! Have you been thinking about our news all week?! Well, I have a little confession to make. While we are in fact in the process of rolling out our new pricing and new features for the new year, the unveiling is not quite to showroom quality (close, but not quite). So, if you read last week’s blog and were expecting a great deal of exciting entries: I lied! But read on. I will include a few sneak peaks below!

However, as the week progressed and I realized this will be my final blog of the year as well as the final blog of our first businesses year, I remembered what I wanted to do for this week. During the year I thought it would be great to end the year’s blog talking about my top five viewed blogs of 2013. Each week, I post my blogs and our website keeps numeric tabs on views. And let me be very, very clear on this: THE WEBSITE RECORDS ONLY “HITS” AND NOT NAMES. In other words. If you view our home page, we get a numeric “1” for the home page. That’s it! No names and no email addresses. So fear not on the big brother front.

The following are the top five blogs of 2013. I won’t go into too much detail, as the provided links will allow you to read the blog with ease. That being said, lets look at what was popular this year from least hits to most (you may insert your own drum rolls if you want):

Boudoir Photography
The lovely Violet Vixen smooching the camera

We start with #5: “Boudoir for a good cause…Well, two actually

This was a very exciting blog and remains more relevant than one might think. It was exciting because our donation brought an additional $50 toward helping two wonderful friends of mine in their effort to adopt a child. It warms my heart to hear of such courage and love and we were glad to be a part of it.

But, like I said, it remains relevant in its content. Similar to the second good cause we mention in the blog, we are currently planning our second boudoir demonstration night for the ladies. This comes just in time for potential Valentines Day sessions! So, curious? Timid? Unsure? Well, here is your chance to remove the veil of doubt and embrace the beauty that is boudoir photography! We will have more details next week, so be sure to check back!

Coming in at #4 is: “Boudoir is trending?! Well…That’s OK!

When this was published as a special blog back in June, I never believed it would be one of the top five blogs of the year. Mind you, I am not dismissing it’s importance in any way. The links within say it all: Boudoir is a trending thing and, in my professional, personal, and artistic opinion, should be embraced by all. And, like number five in our list, it also remains relevant to our new year!

The articles and clips linked in the blog discuss a bridal party boudoir session several sisters/friends had as a an empowering session of beauty. As part of our new packages, we are offering boudoir parties for those who would love be to photographed as beautifully as these lovely ladies. It is great for just about any gathering of women including bachelorette parties, ladies night out, or just because. More details are coming next week.

The lovely ladies of Gate 28
The lovely ladies of Gate 28

Taking the middle at #3 is: “Partnering with the community: It’s good for the soul!

This blog not only captured our excitement of the fashion shoot with the lovely Gate Gals of Gate 28, but held within it the hope for future sessions. As it turns out…Our hopes came true! Since that day on Murray State University’s campus, we have had more fashion shoots and have enjoyed working closely with Gate 28!

As the blog says, it is good for the soul to work within the community to strengthen friendships and work together for mutual benefit! And, to Adrianne and her staff, I can’t give enough thanks. Not only for their time and patience, but also for the beautiful portraits they have allowed us to use in our various promotions.

Now at #2 is: “Thankful for our history in photographs…And for those who maintain them!

This was a very recent blog, but shot to the top very quickly. And that is a great thing! I still can’t say enough about the efforts of Western Kentucky Genealogy and its page administrator, Don Howell. The page posts old photographs purchased or otherwise acquired from various Western Kentucky estates. The hope is for descendants/friends of these families to recognize and help place names with the faces to help preserve our local history.

From a human standpoint, this is a great effort and a wonderful thing for someone to undertake. From a photographer’s standpoint, the Facebook Page is like chocolate! Such wonderfully preserved old photographs outside of the usual suspects that might arise in a Google search. Also, many of these photographs took place in our own back yards where we live today! “Amazed” and “addicted” are not strong enough words to describe this photographer’s interest in these irreplaceable portraits.

Boudoir Photography
Boudoir Need Not Necessarily Be Nude

Now, insert that drum roll now for our #1 viewed blog of 2013: “Boudoir need not necessarily be nude

And we’re back to Boudoir! That’s right! Our top blog of 2013 was that discussing one of the largest misconceptions of boudoir photography and that is: You must be nude. Truth be told, as we will include in some of our upcoming boudoir information for the new year, you will likely show more skin on a day at the beach than you would in a boudoir session.

Not to say that full nudity is not attractive or should be avoided during a shoot, but the point of this oft-visited blog was (and still is) to reassure potential clients that one can be sexy and sensuous without bearing it all. In fact, as I note in the blog, it is often what you don’t see that makes the portrait that much more alluring. And that is another topic for our upcoming demonstration!

Well, there you have it! Our top five blogs of 2013. Feel free to click the links above and find out more about them! To our clients, we appreciate your patronage over the past year and we look forward to continuing to be part of your lives! Until next week: I wish all a safe and happy New Year and I look forward to beginning 2014 and wonder what the new year holds for Abanathy Photography, LLC!



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