Last minuters beware…There still may be a chance for that perfect portrait gift!

Down to the wire! the last minute! zero hour! These are all ways to describe our relation to Christmas gift giving in these the last two and a half weeks before the big day. And, on the portrait front, I have to say!!…..I just have to say!!!….I am beat.

These last few weeks of Christmas portraits have been great! Not a lot of time for rest. Well, not until I got my first head cold in nearly three years (Christmas would have been my anniversary). Luckily it landed in the middle of the week and did not interfere with the weekend portrait sessions! Unfortunately, the weather did, but that is neither here nor there as those have been successfully rescheduled!

Christmas Eve Family Portrait Special
Christmas Eve Family Portrait Special

But, hey, Patrick, wasn’t this supposed to be about zero-hour portrait gifts? Well, while I rested on the couch, beneath a blanket, weary on cold medicine, watching Thor for the third time and surrounded by tissues and a very lazy cat, I cemented some thoughts we had kicked around regarding last minute portrait ideas. Out of this came two sessions we will offer almost up until Santa o’clock!

The first is the opportunity to have a family portrait taken in your home on Christmas Eve. We know that night is a special night when many families will gather together in their homes to spend time and await the big man himself. So, while you wait, why not take advantage of those magical hours and let us capture your family in the festive spirit?!

For $99, we will come to your home, set up professional lighting, arrange your family in front of the tree, fireplace, out by the pond, in the snow, you name it! Then we capture that great holiday memory. The whole thing takes less than an hour! Next, we will both mail you a photo disc with the images and also upload them to a private, online gallery where you may order other great photo gifts! We will have a total of four session slots available for this, so book yours today! Also, due to travel constraints of the one day, we are keeping this one local to Murray and Calloway County.

Our second last-minute holiday portrait offer takes place in the realm of….you guessed it!…Boudoir!

Boudoir Stocking Stuffers Session Special
Boudoir Stocking Stuffers Session Special

This is our sexy Stocking-Stuffer Special (no pun intended)! For $49, you get 30 minutes with the photographer, up to three poses, and one printed 8×10 (printed in-house at Abanathy Photography, LLC’s studios with option to purchase additional prints). So, if you are looking for that last minute gift for him (or her) we encourage and invite you to consider giving the perfect gift…The gift of you! The gift of sexy you! We will book sessions all the way up to Dec. 21 for this one!

These deals should just about do it for our Christmas specials, however, stay tuned. Most believe the months between Christmas and Easter are void of anything fun. But they are wrong. February hosts one of the best holidays for portrait photographers like myself: Valentine’s Day! See if you can guess what some of our specials will center around then!

Until next week, stay warm, avoid the ice, keep safe and, like many have warned me, don’t brag too much about not having had a head cold or flu in several years.



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