Photo booths, women’s expos, and October…Oh my!

Date Night Photo Booth by Abanathy Photography, LLC
Come in with your sweetheart or a group of your best pals for Date Night Photo Booth!

Wow, October is going to be such a big month for Abanathy Photography, LLC, I am getting tired just thinking about it, but the best part is: The fun is yet to be had!

It all begins next Friday when we will hold our first of three Date Night Photo Booth events. This was an idea Liz and I brainstormed earlier this summer and are finally bringing it to fruition. The idea is to provide something fun for couples, groups of friends, or whoever to do on a Friday night! The photo booth is quite simple: You grab some crazy and cool props (provided by Abanathy Photography, LLC or you may bring your own), pose for the camera, smile with your friends, grab some snacks and soda, and receive an 8×10 and two 5x7s to take home with you! And it even fits easily into anyone’s Friday night schedule, as it only takes a half hour or less.

The fun costs only $20 per couple and takes place Fridays in October (Oct. 11, 18, and 25) from 7 to 9 p.m. at our studio located at 108 Rob Mason Road just west of Murray.

And that is just the beginning. Aside from several photo gigs and several more shaping up, we will also be holding a booth at the Women’s Expo at Kentucky Oaks Mall on Saturday, Oct. 12 through Monday Oct. 14.

The expo, which officially takes place Monday from 10-7, includes booths geared toward the interests and health of Women. And, as any who read my blog or visits our page often knows, we offer a lot which might be of interest to women. From boudoir and maternity to bridal and wedding photography, we can’t help but believe we have a lot to contribute to this great event!

So, grab a friend and come see us at Kentucky Oaks Mall next weekend! This is a chance to peruse our services, take a brochure, ask some questions, and meet with me (the photographer) and Liz (the graphic designer) of Abanathy Photography, LLC!

We are so excited to finally be involved in one of the local women’s expos. In the past, we have always found out about them too late, or already had immovable plans when the opportunity arose. However, as we were perusing the booths at Paducah’s Barbecue on the River last weekend, we spoke to our friend and Gate 28 owner, Adrianne Rogers, who alerted us to the upcoming event. A couple of emails later saw us set to attend and I have to give a big thanks to Adrianne for her help!

So, there you go! Two opportunities to come see us and one opportunity for some great, memorable fun! Wow! We are so looking forward to October!



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