You want to be my boudoir photographer?…But, you’re a dude!

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Well, the invites went out on Facebook, I announced it in my blog, posted fliers in several area hair salons, and posted countless (well, more than I feel like counting right now) reminders on our Facebook page. Alas, due to lack of RSVPs, last Thursday’s Boudoir demonstration and Q&A session did not take place.

Discouraging? No. Disheartened? Maybe a little. Down and out? Not on your life! In fact, we are already planning to try another get together for the ladies nearer to Valentine’s Day! But for the time being, I figured I might address something I fear might be (but hope isn’t) a hindrance to our efforts on the boudoir front. Something unavoidable, something God-given, something I don’t plan to change and that is: I am a dude.

I have always considered it to be kind of the elephant in the room…and I don’t mean that euphemistically. However, there is some hope! I was perusing a boudoir photography book on, “The Art of Boudoir Photography: How to Create Stunning Photographs of Women” by Christa Meola, and, as luck would have it, one of the preview pages covers this topic. And I was amazed to read that I am, in fact, already in the green when it comes to being a male in this field.

I am nothing but professional. I understand what is appropriate and what is not. I know that such a photo session finds the client very vulnerable and pay proper respect to that fact. I know it is nothing against me personally. And I always have another woman present, as my beautiful wife is my business co-owner, assistant, and consultant. In fact, the other day I asked myself how I would feel if my wife decided to book a boudoir session with a male photographer and present the photos to me as a gift. And, while I would love the gesture, I realized she would be at a disadvantage given my profession. You see, while I would enjoy the photographs, I would also be critiquing the other photographer’s work.

So, I do have the advantage of having already been in the necessary mindset without anyone having to tell me to do so. But I also know that does not change the facts.

Funny thing is: I am not alone in feeling that my gender might be a sticking point with potential clients. With a quick Google search, I found another blog of a male photographer who has struggled with the same thing from time to time (A Male Boudoir Photographer?). I found I can really relate to what Mr. Jeremy Igo has to say! I mean, he even refers to the problem as an “elephant in the room”! In fact, he touches upon another good point the boudoir book does not and that is: We are males and males know what is sexy from a female. Not saying a female photographer cannot pose a sexy photograph of another female, but, with this, I can say the glass is still half full when it comes to the gender bias.

But, I know even all of this is not going to convince everyone. In fact, I’m not sure its possible to convince some. I could sit here and tell you how much I enjoy making the client feel and look sexy. How I love the way the soft lighting accentuates their curves and brings out their alluring, sexual, artful beauty. How just the thought of posing and capturing this very human side of life in photography is enough to stir my creative eye into a frenzy. However, unfortunately, to many, all you might see is a man “just lookin’ to git a peep at sum dem boobies”. And that’s alright. Even the boudoir book reassures that some simply cannot get past the gender difference.

To those, who are afraid for this reason, I hope this blog helps you to put that fear to rest. And, to for those who know me, they should need little convincing. Fact of the matter is: I am 34 not 13, I am happily married, and, when it comes to boudoir photography, the idea does excite me, but for reasons only the artful photographer might fully understand.

In fact, I have already touched upon this facet in two of my previous blogs (“Boudoir Need Not Necessarily Be Nude” and “It’s March! Time to Heat Things Up…For Your Wedding Night!”). However, this time, I wanted to finally address the elephant in the room as opposed to pretending it doesn’t exist. So, keeping all of this in mind, I leave you with this: Boudoir is not just a Valentines indulgence. It makes a wonderful Christmas gift, wedding night surprise, birthday gift or, for the most empowering, sexy, wonderful reason of all: Just because! And remember, our “You” session consultations are free and discreet and we would be glad to sit down face-to-face with you and discuss the possibilities.



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