Boudoir for a good cause…Well, two, actually

Boudoir Photography
The lovely Violet Vixen smooching the camera

In a given life, I would say one of the scariest, intimidating, and uncertain things one will face is the decision to become a parent. While anyone who decides to take on this responsibility is admirable, I find a special place in my heart for those who not only decide to have a child, but then decide to adopt another as well.

The reason I mention this in my photo blog today is that a college friend of mine, and his wife, are currently in the process of international adoption and are, through Aug. 8, hosting an online silent auction on Facebook to raise necessary funds (click here to view the day’s items, though Facebook will likely require a “friend” connection to allow comments/bids).

For the auction, Abanathy Photography, LLC has donated a “Boudoir Basique” package and there is still time to make a bid, as it has not yet been listed (as of Aug. 4). The package, (a $199 value) includes:

• Up to 2-hour session with our photographer
• Unlimited clothing and backdrop changes
• Three 8″ x 10″ prints

So, don’t be shy! Take a look and make a bid! Like I said before, this is for a great cause and I wish nothing but the best for their family in this, no doubt, scary and exciting time.

Of course, I did mention there were two good causes attributable to boudoir this week, so here is the second:

My wife and I, as those behind the camera and lights, truly understand the idea of posing scantily clad and/or bare in front of the lens makes one very vulnerable and, therefore, no doubt a bit nervous to book a boudoir session. Of course we also realize one can be just as apprehensive about the unknown. That is why we will soon host a ladies-only (save for the photographer) boudoir demonstration at our studio in Murray as a way to lift the veil on what one of our boudoir sessions entail. The event would be between an hour and an hour and a half, likely on a week night, and will utilize a model to demonstrate a couple of different boudoir shots. From there, we would demonstrate how we touch up one of the photos to remove skin blemishes, marks, etc. to make one look their sexiest. Lastly, we will have a Q&A session with the audience. Also, as the demonstration does include adult content, no one under 18 will be permitted.

During this week, I have conducted two surveys to gauge interests in such a demonstration. The first was on Facebook. Unfortunately, the lack of responses I received there I attribute to Facebook’s inability to make responses anonymous. However, I quickly remedied the situation: The second survey (viewable by clicking here) is anonymous! Even I can’t see the names. All I see are the results/comments.

So far, the number of responses has not been huge, but they have been overwhelmingly in favor of a boudoir demonstration. So, those who are friends with Liz and I and/or those who “like” Abanathy Photography, LLC on Facebook stay tuned for an event invite, with which you will also be free to invite friends.

Our goal is to more or less remove some of the uncertainty some may have about this type of photography. Like I said before, we understand one’s apprehension about being so vulnerable before a camera. However, we would hate for one to miss out on a great opportunity for lack of full understanding.

Also, like I noted before, the survey has spoken! However, that does not mean one cannot still give feedback or leave a comment about what they would like to see at the demonstration. (Click here to leave a comment).



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