Don’t miss a green opportunity! Book your high school senior buddy session today!

Scenic Backdrop
Some summer greenery… perfect for senior portraits!

The streets of Murray are a bit emptier, the line at DQ is constant, the cicadas are buzzing, and the greenery abounds. Wait…That last part….It gives me ideas!

Everywhere I go, be it passing through downtown, crossing the train tracks, hiking through LBL, or just strolling along my own property, I see endless possibilities for high school senior portraits. And I think: Now is the time! Now is the time to book with the photographers! True, the old buildings and train tracks will still be there come August or September. However, right now is when you have the green leaves and grass, corn fields and green vines, summer sun and blossoming foliage. Like I said: The possibilities are endless!

Then another idea hit me, but I must do a little explaining first: The other day, I was perusing Twitter (you may follow us by clicking here) and came across someone who tweeted a demonstration video on how to make a proper Hadoken photo. Of course, it is hard to describe a Hadoken photo in words, so I will include a link (Hadoken photo).

However, for blog purposes, here is my best shot: For those of you who do not know what this is, a Hadoken photo is one where someone poses in a position of exerting unseen force (i.e. pounding the ground, or pushing one’s arms out toward an “opponent” or a group of people). Meanwhile, other person(s) in the frame, at the proper second, jump, fall, or otherwise pose in a way that can only be properly frozen or captured by a fast shutter. This gives a really neat illusion often based on popular video games and movies.

Leavell-Stroud Engagement
Force choke photo!

One-on-one combat video games and Darth Vader levitating force chokes are good examples of this. In fact, I have created one of the latter with two friends of mine in a recent engagement session and will attach it to this blog!

Of course the word “Hadoken” also has a bit of a back story. Anyone familiar with the older fight game Street Fighter II will recognize it immediately. In fact, read all about it here and you will see where the Hadoken photo gets its name. Also, check another bit of Hadoken information here.

Now, with these back stories out of the way, I can get to my idea: Abanathy Photography, LLC, for a limited time, is offering buddy sessions with our $199 high school senior portrait package. It’s basically a buy-one-get-one-half-off offer!

The way it works is: A senior decides to have his or her senior portraits taken by Abanathy Photography, LLC and, as a special offer, that person can also book a session for a friend who then receives 50% off their sitting fee! Basically, instead of each senior paying a $199 sitting fee, the first would pay $199 and the other would pay $99. Each receives the full benefits of the $199 package, plus up to five photos of them with their friend!

Now, how you settle up with your friend, financially, afterward is your business so long as I don’t have to testify in court.

So bring your buddy, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever, and lets make some wonderful summertime senior portraits!

Now, I know you say: “Patrick. What does this have to do with a Hadoken photo?” Well, the idea came to me when I saw the Hadoken photo video and realized, when you have two friends come together for photos, you never know what kind of great shots you might get. Who knows, maybe you might like a little Hadoken in your senior session!



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