A trendy week for Abanathy Photography, LLC!

Well, as I so recently said in this week’s bonus blog (Boudoir is trending?! Well…That’s Okay!), I seldom follow trends. And, when I do, it is usually after it has been trending for some time. However, including what was said in the bonus blog, this week alone, we have followed two.

It is strange (or is it) that I would use the term “follow”, as the trend we have jumped upon this time uses this word a lot. If you have not already guessed, Abanathy Photography, LLC is now on Twitter!

We finally jumped on the band wagon, which, if my history of jumping on trends is any indicator, will mean Twitter will be rendered obsolete by social media standards by the end of the month. But for now, lets sit back and bask in the glow that is our Twitter page. And, as you hear at the end of every self-serving promo: “Follow us on Twitter!“.

The idea of Tweeting seemed odd to me when Twitter first came out. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if it would catch on. I thought “Well, I’m already on Facebook. Why do I need another way to post random things about my happenings?” From a personal perspective, I have yet to create a “Patrick Abanathy” Twitter account. However, from a business standpoint, I had a friend, not long ago, point me in the right direction.

She has two teenage daughters and was informed by them (and, in turn, informed me) that Twitter was the hot place to be now.

Abanathy Photography, LLC Studio
Moonrise over our studio

Later, a radio news segment helped confirm this, saying Facebook is beginning to lose ground with the younger crowd. It was then that I decided a

Twitter account might be a great move! After all, the younger crowd (high school seniors) is one of our target audiences, so it would seem only logical this ancient 34-year-old could become hip and learn a thing or two.

As it turns out: Twitter is pretty cool! I’m sure I am preaching to the choir right now so I won’t excitedly ramble on like some old man with his first fax machine. But I I will say it has a great, easy layout and should provide loads of fun! So I will conclude this brief blog by proclaiming that familiar statement once again: “Follow us on Twitter!

Also, check out this cool moon-over-our-studio shot I shot on Saturday!



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