Boudoir is trending?! Well…That’s Okay!

Photo Courtesy of New York Post: ceilimages

Well, it typically takes something special to get me to write a bonus blog for the week. Especially following a couple of hours on the lawn mower and the fact that I enjoy giving the regular, weekly blog its time in the limelight. However, this morning, not only did I receive an intriguing article from the New York Post, but also a related Today show clip, which can easily be linked here in this technologically wondrous world of ours.

So, what was it that was in the news this morning, you ask? Well, it just so happens it was about a form of photography I am passionate about: Boudoir!

The Today show’s reporter, Mara Schiavocampo, says it all in this video (Friends bond by posing together in underwear): This elegant, beautiful form of photographic art is not only a trendy thing these days, but is also both fun and empowering to women. And, as I’ve noted in my previous blogs on the matter (Boudoir need not necessarily be nude; It’s March! Time to heat things up…For your wedding night!), there is nothing wrong with being sexy!

Now I have, more or less, always marched to my own tune and rarely follow trends (I still have a flip phone, for gosh sake). However, can I help it if, sometimes, trends overlap with my own tune? And I don’t want to say I am simply using the Today show’s endorsement on said trend to make a few bucks for myself…Well, maybe a little, as this is how I make a living…But, for the most part, I can say the idea that one of my favorite types of photography is trending right now is exciting beyond words!

And, it just so happens that we offer friend and party packages (click here for details)! So, don’t be shy! Bring a friend, get comfortable in your skivvies, laugh, smile, have a good time, be empowered, be alluring, be sexy, and, above all, be you!




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