It’s about time: Abanathy Photography, LLC will host its grand opening Saturday!

Abanathy Photography, LLC Grand OpeningAt long last, the week has arrived! Abanathy Photography, LLC will host its grand opening event this Saturday. Everyone is invited and there will be door prizes so don’t be shy.

Now for a bit of history about Abanathy Photography’s studio: Close your eyes. Imagine an old garage. An oil stained, concrete floor with cracks running here and there. Above you is an open ceiling, and, around you, are open walls. Old cloth-covered wiring clings to tenured studs, some of which are riddled with remnants of termites and carpenter ants long since gone. Decades of unchecked dust brings a little tickle to the nose and, it would seem, every other crevice is home to a brown recluse spider.

Now, lets move forward. The walls are jacked up and repaired, the wiring replaced, insulation installed, drywall hung, mudded, and sanded, and flooring laid out. Throw in some paint, props, and equipment, you have yourself a working photography studio.

And, this Saturday (June 1), from 1-4 p.m., you will have the opportunity to visit Abanathy Photography, LLC’s studio and grounds! The studio is located at 108 Rob Mason Road, which is the leg of SR783 between SR94 and SR121 just west of Murray.

You will be able to meet and greet with me, Abanathy Photography, LLC Photographer Patrick Abanathy, as well as my wife, and Abanathy Photography LLC Graphic Designer, Liz. Everyone receives Abanathy Photography, LLC coupons just for visiting and everyone is welcome to enter to win door prizes where the grand prize is a free photo session! Also, there will be refreshments including fresh popcorn.

So, a little shy about senior portraits? Pondering some professional portraits? A bit bashful about boudoir? Come see the studio and put your mind at ease for all your photography needs!

This day has been a long time coming for Abanathy Photography, LLC and we hope you are able to come out and enjoy the grand opening with us!



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