How wonderful the tides of friendship flow

Engagement Portraits by Abanathy Photography, LLC
Engagement portraits of a beautiful couple!

Nearly seven years ago, one of my best friends from college did me the honor of being one of the groomswomen in Liz and I’s wedding. Now the time has come to return the favor (in a way) and we couldn’t be more excited.

Earlier this year, my friend Leighann wrote and asked if Abanathy Photography LLC would be the photographer for she and her fiancé, Clay’s, wedding. Of course we were honored and immediately agreed. I knew the day would eventually come and I can’t be more excited for them.

Leighann and I met during my final year at Murray State. Just shortly into the school year, she and a friend of hers, both freshmen at the time, were wondering the halls of R.H. White College meeting new people. My roommate and I had our door propped open that night and they stopped in. It was then that we met and became friends.

It always amazes me how people come and go in my life. When you think back on everything that lined up to allow us to meet, our friendship is just that much more amazing. Little did I know that night that nearly 12 years later, I would be photographing her wedding.

Earlier this month, we got to meet Clay and take some of the first professional portraits of the engaged couple. I just want to say I am nothing but happy for these two beautiful people. They are perfect for each other and are sure to have a wonderful future together!

Along with some of the standard couples’ shots, we also were able to utilize downtown Madisonville, which like so many small Kentucky towns, has a lot to offer photographically. Even some of the alleys with heavy, unoffensive graffiti made for fine backdrops. In fact there is at least one graffiti wall, which will be saved for the big day, as it demands a much more formal use.

Engagement Portraits by Abanathy Photography, LLC
Congratulations Leighann and Clay!

Lastly, before we all ran out of steam, we finished up at the old train station where we were able to use, not only the buildings, but the adjacent (relatively busy) train tracks as well.

But, anyway, it is best to let the pictures do some of the talking. Click here and have a look!



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