It’s March! Time to Heat Things Up…For Your Wedding Night!

Bridal Boudoir Photography
Wedding boudoir showcases the bride wearing sexy clothing with just a touch of bridal accessories

Okay. Valentine’s Day is a given for sexy. You have the flowers, some chocolates, a candle-lit dinner and, later, well, lets keep this PG-13, shall we. Now, let’s talk about another time, which is a given for sexy: The wedding night…and it would seem the trend is catchy.

Wedding boudoir photography is a hot item right now (no pun intended), showing, once again, there is nothing wrong with being sexy. Now, as March is coldly blowing past us, it’s great to look ahead to the warmer months to when you are planning your big day. However, the time to consider adding a little steam is now!

Like a regular boudoir session, wedding boudoir showcases the bride wearing sexy clothing with just a touch of bridal accessories (veil, engagement ring, etc.). In fact, in some instances, the bride-to-be might be wearing only the veil. I found an article on, a website dedicated to everything weddings. Titled “Wedding Photography: The Wedding Boudoir Photography Trend”, it goes into more depth about the trend and how the bride-to-be might approach it.

As it pertains to Abanathy Photography, we are pretty much in line with these ideas and most of what they say comes as no surprise. In fact, it makes me want to get the camera out and go! Now, you say: “Patrick, of course you enjoy taking boudoir portraits! It involves a bunch of nekkid women in your studio!” While this is true, it is not for the reasons you might think. Truth be told, the human form drives a photographer like me crazy. And that’s crazy in a good way.

Would I allow the 13-year-old version of myself in on a boudoir session? Of course not. However, from the 34-year-old, artistic, professional, married version of myself, I can safely say my outlook has matured nicely. The human body is a work of art and the possibilities are endless. And this goes for both women and men, whether it is a bride wanting some wedding boudoir portraits or a groom wanting some wedding dudeoir portraits!

Ultimately, these photos make a great gift for the your spouse on that special night. They unwrap a discreet box and open it to find beautiful, sensual pictures of you. Then…well…like I said before: Lets keep this PG-13.

Speaking of keeping it PG-13, like the The Knot article says, boudoir need not necessarily be nude. This touches upon one of my previous blogs describing the sensual nature of being nude, yet not nude at the same time (Boudior Need Not Necessarily Be Nude). Its definitely worth perusing if you have a chance.

Overall, the important thing is to relax, have fun, and, above all, be the sensual you that nature intended! For more information on our sessions and rates, check out our “You” Page.



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