Making the best of bad weather: Networking anyone?

Oh, where to begin. It has been a long weekend…But a productive one! Made some new contacts, got some more nitty-gritty computer work finished, and am poised to finally punch a couple of holes in the ground.

First, and foremost, is the more exciting news: Our sign is in! The wonderful staff at Ottway Sign Company here in Murray did an excellent job and we are sooooo excited to unveil it. Alas, the deep freeze and snow kept us from any desire to dig holes in the yard this weekend. However, hopefully, next weekend’s weather will be better and our blog will contain a picture of it framed in all its glory and hung before our humble studio.

Of course, as previously noted, this weekend was not a total loss due to weather. Saturday’s overcast sky and never-ending flurries did provide a wonderful opportunity to network with local businesses. So, with business cards in hand, we headed out to a variety of places in Murray, Puryear, and Paris including Ribbon Chix, Peniques, Celebrations, Elements, Betty’s Bridal Cottage, and Get-To-Gether’s. And not to be out done by our wedding and senior portrait cards, we even made a stop at Sensual Pleasures in Paris to display some of our boudoir portrait cards. So don’t be surprised if you find our card here and there around town!

Following yesterday’s trip, while brighter, today was still too cold to contemplate making use of the post hole digger. Instead, it was set to be a relatively quiet day again before the spreadsheets. Now, I won’t bore you with more spreadsheet stories (see last week’s blog for more on that). My wife noted only I could make spreadsheets sound interesting, but I doubt I could pull it off two weeks in a row.

I will say this though. Spreadsheets are the fun part compared to taxes and how they relate to the small business. The easy saying is: “No one likes paying taxes,” however, I am beginning to think the reason for that has just as much to do with figuring them out as it does with paying them. Even though I do not enjoy paying taxes, I don’t mind. At least I can find some pride in the fact I want to get it right and know what is coming and when it is coming. If only the instructions were so straight forward.

One would think out of nearly 200 pages of instructions on just two sections of federal tax code, all of one’s answers would be clear. But they are not. They tend to be overly specific in some areas and highly nebulous in another. This leads me to feel I’ve spent too much time today just trying to figure out how to properly spend my time.

Eventually, I had to shake it off for the day. I don’t have to worry about any of them for a few weeks anyway and I did get quite a bit accomplished. But isn’t that always the case on the weekends? You get a lot done, but wanted to do so much more.

Anyway, like I said before, it has been a long one and I am ready to give my eyes and brain a break. So, I bid the you adieu and hope to have you back this way again next week!