Life Keeping the Balance

At a certain point in my life–I truly don’t remember when–I became amazed at how life likes to keep everything in balance. It is how events seem to daisy chain off of each other to eventually come together in such a way, and at just the right time, to make everything perfect.

You won’t always be aware of it when it is happening and you are not always going to be happy with means, but the balance inevitably occurs more times than not. I really couldn’t count the times this has happened to me, but I can speak to the more recent occurrences.

First, and the biggest for me in recent years, is the coming together of our photography business. We set out in 2008 from Nevada (where I had moved following my graduation from Murray State and where my beautiful wife is from) to make our way in western Kentucky. At first, our main goal was simply to find a house. While the business was a big consideration in our search, we also knew we could handle whatever variables were thrown at us as a result of our choices. Luckily, we found the perfect house with the perfect property in the perfect location.

With the first step down, next came the hours of hard work to get everything ready. To help out with this endeavor were a few unforeseen factors including the infamous 2009 ice storm. This little test hit us first and foremost two months after we moved in. That’s right! Our hopes and dreams still sit packed in several cardboard boxes around the house as our new, perfect property fell apart around us. But, like I said, you won’t always like the means to balance. I say it helped us because the resulting cleanup and repair was an invaluable life lesson lost on most. Not to mention the improvements to hour studio and home, which otherwise might not have taken place had it not been forced upon us. Once again, the balance was struck and I am better for it.

We originally estimated two years to get up and running and, instead, are now just a little over four as the major wheels begin to turn. However, with our extra two years experience, at our day jobs and with the many new acquaintances made along the way, the balance continues to be struck. Now, as we are just weeks away from framing our new sign, it seems everything could not be coming together more perfectly.

And this is not the only balance happening in my life! Six and a half years ago I married the woman of my dreams. At our big day, my little sister provided the live music and one of my dearest college friends stood beside me at the alter as one of my groomswomen. Last November, my sister got married and my friend is tying the knot in September of this year. You’ll never guess who was and will be behind the camera for these two blessed events. As they were part of our wedding, so will we be part of theirs. Bringing everything together in such a way, and at just the right time, to make everything perfect.