New backdrop ceiling track

Our “stream” is up and so is our new backdrop ceiling track! And not necessarily in that order. Yesterday, though a bit on the gloomy, humid side in Murray, provided the perfect weather to boost studio improvement morale. While the thermometer outside reached for 70 degrees, I was inside the studio measuring, marking, drilling and mounting our new backdrop ceiling track. Now, for those of you who are like: “Hey, Patrick, what is a backdrop ceiling track?!” I will tell you it is a space and time saver rolled into one. Now, I have more room to roll out my backdrops and I can now leave all my existing backdrops (and then some) up and ready to go at all times. As an added bonus, this will serve to help keep my backdrops de-wrinkled as well. Outside, we have marked the location for our new sign, which will hopefully be up in front of the studio within the next month.

Oh, did I mention our “stream” is up. This is a combination of a lot of rain, saturated ground, and a large drainage ditch running behind our studio and home. I can’t help but wonder, as I peer out from time to time, watching the water flowing briskly along, who will be the first one lucky and brave enough to kick off their shoes, wade in, and have some fantastic pictures taken?